SmartIdea: Managing web resources and sophisticated software solutions just got easier!

Internet rules business processes, products and services, and it is important for brands to get independent and unbiased advice on web related aspects. That’s exactly where SmartIdea – a well-known internet consultancy – comes in the picture. SmartIdea is based in Singapore, but that doesn’t stop the company from working with clients globally. In a fact, a considerable part of their clientele is based in Australia and the US, where they have representative offices, as well. SmartIdea has representative office in Philippines, as well, and they have worked with brands in Europe.

SmartIdea offers a bunch of services, which can be scaled to meet specific needs. From evaluating existing websites and planning new ones to internet marketing, software development & integration and tech support, they do it all. The development team of SmartIdea has worked on project require detailed understanding of RUP, xP, OOAD concepts, and they have successfully completed projects that involve UML modeling tools. The Operations team works extensively for managing and monitoring live products, projects and websites, so that downtime and technical issues can be minimized. The company liaises with networking teams and tech support experts from time to time for different projects. Check their website now for details.